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Founded in 1945 by bosom friends Alejandro F. de Santos, Jose B. Herrera, and Artemio Delfino as an informal partnership to engage in the general practice of law, under the name De Santos, Herrera & Delfino. Subsequently, it became a duly registered professional partnership under De Santos, Balgos, & Perez. With the demise of founding partner Alejandro F. de Santos in 1985, the remaining partners, Marcial O. T. Balgos and Hernando B. Perez, reorganized it under the name Balgos & Perez. With the departure of Hernando B. Perez upon his becoming the President of the University of Batangas, the firm metamorphosed into Balgos, Gumaru, & Jalandoni.

Although it has remained small, BPLaw is a full-service law firm that serves its clients in the way that its founding partners intended—without fear or favor, asking for no favors, and giving none—to protect and advance the interests of those who use its services. BPLaw lawyers are dedicated, loyal, and fully committed to providing effective and beneficial representation for clients.

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